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The Mission and Vision of a Business Made Social event is simple.

1.  To promote and support the host business.

2.  To provide a fun, engaging and valuable networking opportunity for members and their guests.

3.  To contribute to the mandate and objectives of the Peachland Chamber of Commerce: provide member networking, encourage B2B referrals and foster connectivity.



The Peachland Chamber of Commerce's Business Made Social (formally Business After Hours) events have been a very popular and well attended networking event for the local business community. 


Our Business Made Social events allow chamber members and their guests the opportunity to socialize, meet potential customers and mingle with their fellow business community peers.

Hosting a Business Made Social event is a unique opportunity to showcase your business and introduce your products and services to fellow chamber members.

One of the most obvious and main benefits of hosting a Business Made Social event is exposure.  We as a chamber truly believe in the value of local referrals.  When local business owners and their employees attend Business Made Social events, they become familiar with what area businesses offer and they feel more vested and comfortable in making a customer referral to businesses.



In the interest of designing and scheduling BMS events

so they will have the greatest chance of success, we offer the

following requirements and recommendations for host businesses.

a.) BMS anchor hosts are welcome to have a co-sponsor

b.) Provide a registration table for the chamber to meet & greet attendees

c.) The host will provide refreshments and appetizers.  It is up to the host's discretion whether or not they would like to charge for bar drinks. 


d.)The chamber will provide the host with an estimated list of attendees to ensure preparedness.

e.) A brief (5 min) presentation is recommended to highlight your products, services, upcoming events or special announcements.

f.) During the event, hosts may offer property tours, or provide behind-the-scenes experiences to encourage interaction with guests.

g.) It is recommended that the host provide a door prize to further advertise your products or services.

The Peachland Chamber of Commerce will assume the

following responsibilities before and during the event.

a.) Chamber staff will serve as greeters, welcoming guests to the event and handling registration, which includes providing name tags and the collection of business cards.

b.) Chamber staff will conduct a short presentation and interactive networking activity, handle announcements and drawing for door prizes.

c.) The chamber will provide awareness and exposure via social media outlets, email blasts, article in the Peachland View and personal invitations via staff and volunteers.

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