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Event Registration Rules

Nothing makes us happier than the buzz in the room when our members come together at an in-person Board of Trade event.

We’re excited and ready to bring everyone together again- safely,

but there are a number of important changes you and your guests should be aware of.

FAQ: Preparing for Your Next Peachland Chamber  Event

September 2, 2021

UPDATE: The Provincial Government has made mask-wearing not required anymore

Proof of Vaccination will end on April, 8th 2022

Registering for an Event

Q: Why is the registration form asking if I have been vaccinated?

A: Digital COVID immunization card will be mandatory at our event check-in as per the current BC Government regulations.

Q: Why is it mandatory to submit all names of attendees during registration?

A: We will require attendee names and contact information prior to the event because it is important for us to know who is in the room in case we need to contact you and your guests in the future. If you know the name of attendees at the time of registration, please fill out their information then. Otherwise, we will be sending you email reminders prior to the event to provide the attendees' names.

Q: Why do I have to sign a waiver and what does it mean?

A: Our team is working closely with our vendors and venues to ensure our in-person Chamber events are following all government regulations and recommendations. The health of our staff, volunteers, partners, and you are our top priority. With that said, we need to ensure you and your guests understand and acknowledge the potential health risk of attending any in-person events this season. By signing this waiver, you are acknowledging you understand the potential risks in attending in-person Chamber events and will assume any responsibility if you were to contact the novel coronavirus and COVID-19.

Q: What if I purchase a ticket and I am no longer able to attend the day of the event, can I get a refund?

A: For now, until May 31, 2022, we will be waiving the required 72-hour refund window. This means, if you suddenly cannot attend the Chamber event due to health reasons, we will issue you a refund.


Attending a Chamber Event

Q: Will I need proof of a COVID immunization to attend a Board of Trade in-person event?

A: Yes. As per BC Government regulations for non-essential business proof of COVID immunization is mandatory for all Chamber in-person gatherings.

Q: What major changes will be in place at the event?

A: Our team is closely working with our venues and vendors to ensure in-person Chamber events go above and beyond government regulations and recommendations. The health of our staff, volunteers, partners, and you are our top priority.

Here are some important changes:

  • Mandatory COVID immunization proof: Digital and/or physical COVID immunization cards will be mandatory for all attendees at our event check-in for in-person gatherings.

  • Sanitizer Stations: Hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the venue, including at registration. All attendees must sanitize at registration before entering.

  • Masks: As per the provincial health orders masks are required at all times when you are not seated at your table.

  • Handshakes, high fives, or hugs: We understand there may be close friends you see at our events, and if a mutual physical embrace like a handshake, high five or happens, that’s okay- as long as both individuals are comfortable and provide consent.

  • Physical Distancing: With the exception of what we said above, our general rule of thumb is to please practice physical distancing. Proper wall and floor signage will remind attendees to practice physical distancing during registration and the event. Please note, there may be short distances when social distancing is not possible.

  • Table Guests: The maximum table size is 6 people as per the provincial health order.


Q: Will you let us know if someone at the event tested positive for COVID-19 post-event?

A: We will be monitoring all information provided to us by Interior Health and will be notifying all attendees immediately if we are notified.

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